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Love Loki Western

Bandana Western Style Dribble Bibs

Bandana Western Style Dribble Bibs

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Introducing our Western Inspired Bandana Style Dribble Bibs for Baby - the perfect blend of practicality and style for your little one. These trendy and functional bibs are designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable while adding a touch of flair to their outfit. Ultra soft cotton bandana bib featuring LLWestern exclusive Lasso print. With Terry towelling backing making the bib super absorbent.

Crafted with care, our bandana bibs are made from soft, absorbent, and breathable materials that are gentle on your baby's delicate skin. The unique bandana shape not only offers excellent coverage but also complements any outfit with a cool, wild west twist.

Whether your baby is teething, drooling, or just enjoying mealtime, our dribble bibs are up to the task. They effortlessly capture drool and spills, preventing irritation and rashes on your baby's sensitive skin. The adjustable snap closures ensure a secure and comfortable fit as your baby grows.

Featuring snap closure at neck with 2 sizes.  

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